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Vacuum your rug once a week carefully to avoid damaging the fringes.
The rug should be lifted at least 2 times a year to be aired.
If you place heavy pieces on top of the rug, you should lift it at least 4 times a year to be aired.
Do not wash the rug. It should be dry cleaned at a specialized dry cleaners. if during the cleaning process acid products are used, the colors will run.
If your rug is on top of a marble or mosaic floor it should be padded with non-skid padding or other padding, for your protection. In some cases when the marble or mosaic floors are layed, acid materials are used, and with time and dampness these rise to the surface and damage the rugs.
Do not keep you rug in damp places as it may cause decay.
A washed surface should dry completely before laying down the rug.
If your rug is being used mainly on one side, rotate it occasionally making it last longer.

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